​Minister of National Guard Sponsors Patient Safety Forum 2017

Prince Mitib bin Abdullah

His Royal Highness Prince Mitib bin Abdullah, Minister of State, Member of the Council of Ministers, Minister of National Guard will launch the Patient Safety Forum 2017 hosted by the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs and King Saud bin Abdulaziz University. Patient Safety Forum will be held from the 20th until the 23th of March 2017 in the Convention Center at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for health sciences, Riyadh. Participating in this forum are a number of distinctive local and international experts, specialists and health practitioners.

H.E. Chief Executive Officer of Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs, President of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Dr. Bandar Al Knawy, praised the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Minister of National Guard. Dr. Al Knawy pointed out that holding this conferences for the 7th time is a reflection for HRH Prince Miteb bin Abdullah to support the medical sector at the Minister of National Guard and to assert that the medical performance is keeping up with the recent development in the concept of patient safety.

H.E. Dr. Al Knawy stressed that the conference will present number of important topics through lectures, discussions and workshops such as the scientific challenges in the field of patient safety in addition to developing medical quality, training, medical education, technology role, improving the culture and the experience of the patient, the best practices to reduce hospital risks, building health practitioners leading and ability skills, insuring patient safety and recover from MERS-CoV, and the most recent technologies and applications and best practices and experiences locally and internationally in the field of patient safety.

Dr. Al Knawy pointed that the seventh conference is directing huge attention from healthcare professionals because it will receives international attention and attendance from countries such as The United States and the United Kingdom and Denmark in addition to the participation of health leaders in the KSA, deans and faculty members of medical colleges, doctors, health specialists and academics. This great attendance means multitude experience that benefits the improvement of performance. Several workshops will be conducted during the conference such as: High Command Role in Supporting Infection Control Program, Reducing Caesarean percentage .. Is it Achievable?, Impact of Media and Healthcare Providers on Patient Safety Program, Improving Recovery after Surgery, Clinical Management for Accidents, the importance of Natural Childbirth for the Health of the Mother and the Baby, Strategies of Guide Manual to improve Patient Safety, Present Medical Care, Utilizing Medical Stimulation System to Improve Patient Safety, Improving Clinical Monitoring in the Acute care at GCC, Improving Mechanical Ventilation for the patient. This conference aims to enabling healthcare specialists from creating safe environment for healthcare, publishing the best practices in the field of patient safety, highlighting challenges face implementing national initiatives in the field of safety, starting collective projects, create general awareness about patient safety, establish and increase research materials related to patient safety, apply culture of patient safety in the academic medical curriculum.